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FREE Initial Consultation!

Every family is unique, and you have questions, which is why we offer every family a FREE half-hour initial consultation. 

We know your time is important, so to maximize the effectiveness of your consultation, and to ensure that the information we provide you is accurate, we request that you have the following information available:

    1. Copies of grant deeds to real property, if available
    2. Most recent bank statements and statements for IRA, stocks, and
        other investments (S Corp and LLC), if available
    3. Declaration documents relating to life insurance, if available
    4. Full name, address, and date of birth of all children or intended beneficiaries
    5. Copies of any existing estate planning or living trust documents
    6. Recent appraisals of any property
    7. Business entity information (i.e. corporations, LLC's, corporate binders,
        stock certificates, etc.)

We also request that you complete this brief questionnaire (Click HERE to download the fillable pdf version) to bring to the meeting.  It will help us provide you with specific information, relevant to your particular needs: