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The rising cost of healthcare continues to be a challenge.  We find that many elderly clients or those with chronic health conditions need to consider options like Medi-Cal to help pay for skyrocketing medical costs.  

Many Medi-Cal recipients don't realize that while Medi-Cal provides benefits for homeowners, the home they live in will most likely be applied toward PAY-BACK of the Medi-Cal benefits received by the owner.  HOWEVER, with proper planning, most Medi-Cal recipients can still leave the family home to their children, without being subject to Medi-Cal pay-back rules.  Unfortunately there are still many Medi-Cal recipients who do not take proper steps to plan, and after paying back Medi-Cal there is no home left for the children to inherit.

Current law in California allows certain planning to be done so that a parent with a home can take steps to allow them to:
1) keep their Medi-Cal 
benefits intact during their life;
2) continue to live in the home during their life; AND
3) leave the family home to their children without any pay-back to Medi-Cal.

With proper planning WHILE THE PARENT IS LIVING IN THE FAMILY HOME, it's possible.  

We can assist with proven, legal, and POMS approved methods to accomplish your goals.