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The rising cost of healthcare continues to be a challenge.  We find that many elderly clients or those with chronic health conditions need to consider options like Medi-Cal to help pay for skyrocketing medical costs.  

Many Medi-Cal recipients don't realize that while Medi-Cal provides benefits for homeowners, the home they live in will most likely be applied toward PAYBACK of the Medi-Cal benefits received by the owner.  Many of our clients come to us for estate planning, hoping to leave the family home to their children, only to realize that after Medi-Cal reimbursement, there will be no home left.

However, current law in California allows certain planning to be done so that a parent with a home can take certain steps that will allow them to 1) keep their benefits during their life; 2) continue to live in the home during their life; and 3) leave the family home in the hands of their children without loss to Medi-Cal claims.

These rules are complicated and must be done properly, WHILE THE PARENT IS LIVING IN THE HOME, and must be done in a way that avoids loss of any benefits.  

We can assist with proven, legal, and POMS approved methods to accomplish your goals.